From September 7-10, 2023, Austria will be the meeting point for a gathering of exceptional minds. The BOLD Unconference brings 50 global pioneers together in one place. The mission? Building the economy of tomorrow.

The BOLD Community, powered by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), is a global initiative designed to stimulate innovation. By fostering encounters among BOLD Minds from around the globe it propels the creation of unconventional ideas and knowledge exchange.

The BOLD Unconference 2023 is the crystallization point of these efforts – and a homecoming for the global BOLD Community.
Vienna - Melk - Linz - Leogang
Live from the road
The BOLD Unconference 2023 has ended!
Until We Meet Again - Filling the Time Capsule, Applauding the Team, and Offering Closing Remarks
Results from the discussion rounds of day #3 are in!
Day 4 of the BOLD Unconference 2023 has begun!
It’s that time of the evening again - dinner and networking at Leogang has begun!
A BOLD welcome to Salzburg’s Entrepreneurs
Gearing up for tonight's networking dinner - instructions are underway at the think lab!
A quick update from the mountaintop – there’s a buzz of creativity above the clouds
BOLD Unconference 2023 - we're atop a mountain!
Learn all about the BOLD minds here on our website!
Group session #2 has begun - BOLD questions for BOLD minds
Reflect and refocus: We’re delving into outcomes from the prior days.
Day 3 of the BOLD Unconference 2023 has begun!
Day 2 of the BOLD Unconference has come to a close with a crash course in yodeling.
We’ve reached our final stop amidst the mountains of the alps
Insights on the go: We’re discussing mobility & tourism while en route to Leogang
Updates on hot topics: The daily morning briefing of the BOLD Unconference
New perspectives on ownership and circular economy - drawing inspiration at Ars Electronica Festival
Setting the mind towards art thinking at Ars Electronica Festival
Day 2 of the BOLD Unconference 2023 has begun - we‘re off to Ars Electronica Festival!
Getting ready for Ars Electronica Festival on September 8 in Linz
Key insights and final notes from stop #2 of the BOLD Unconference 2023
8 tips to achieve mindful (self-) leadership from Azis Sadikovic
The BOLD Community spreads out to talk digitization and mindfulness at Melk Abbey
Arrived at Melk Abbey and eager to dive into digitization & mindfulness
We’re on the road to Melk Abbey!
Our stay in Vienna comes to an end with closing remarks by our hosts from the Austrian Economic Chamber.
Diving into health care: Talks by Lisa Mandemaker, Fredrik Debong and Walter Werzowa
Official kick-off of the BOLD Unconference 2023: Overcome fears and embrace open-mindedness
Let the networking begin!
Day 1 of the BOLD Unconference 2023 has begun!
Preparations for the BOLD Unconference are in full effect, and we're eagerly anticipating a day full of impact.
Greetings to the global BOLD Community at Vienna Airport
What the BOLD Unconference 2023 is all about
The BOLD Unconference 2023 prepares to take off

1. What is the BOLD Unconference?

The BOLD Unconference breaks from traditional events and conference formats, providing an open, engaging platform for interaction and ideation.  It’s the flagship event of the BOLD Community and “home coming” of its global members to Austria.

With an emphasis on cross-border and cross-sector collaborations, interactive workshops as well as encounters with local innovators, it serves as the incubator for innovative solutions to modern-day challenges. It embodies the spirit of the BOLD Community, creating a dynamic space for forward-thinking.

2. Who can participate?

The BOLD Unconference is a curated, invite-only event for BOLD Minds and members of the BOLD Community.

3. Are expenses covered by BOLD during the Unconference

All costs, including travel and food, during the BOLD Unconference are covered by BOLD. However, participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation costs outside the Unconference agenda. This includes travel costs to and from Austria (e.g. flight tickets).

4. Does BOLD cover travel costs?

All travel expenses during the duration of the Unconference are covered by BOLD. Travel and accommodation costs before and after the official program of the Unconference are not covered – this includes your flight and train ride to the Unconference.

5. Can I choose what days to join the BOLD Unconference

No, full participation for the entire duration of the event is required for the BOLD Unconference to ensure a comprehensive experience. This is essential as it is an immersive journey that builds on each point of the program.

6. Will I have time to work on my own projects or schedule external meetings during the BOLD Unconference? 

A full commitment is required to participate in an Unconference. We understand that carving out time from one's schedule can be a significant task, but we kindly ask all participants to block their calendars exclusively for the Unconference throughout its duration. The Unconference is an immersive experience and is a full program which will be challenging to divide your attention

7. Will BOLD provide an airport shuttle?

BOLD provides a complimentary airport and train station shuttle for all guests who arrive on the day of the Unconference Kick Off and official day of departure.

8. When should I arrive to/leave Vienna?

All Unconference participants are expected by the afternoon of the Unconference Kick Off. Please coordinate with the BOLD office before booking your flights to ensure enough travel time to and from the airport/train station prior and after the Unconference.

9. Can I bring a plus one to the BOLD Unconference?

Given the curated, invite-only nature of the BOLD Unconference, we have a strict no plus one policy. We do, however, appreciate nominations for the BOLD Community and future events.

10. Can I participate in the BOLD Unconference remotely?

The BOLD Unconference is designed to be an immersive event that requires your mental and physical presence. Certain activities like ice bathing can only happen from the Austrian Alps. 

11.  I can’t accept the invitation to the BOLD Unconference – can I forward nominate someone else in my place?

Yes, we accept nominations through bold@wko.at however directly forwarding your invitation to someone else is not possible given the curated nature of the BOLD Community. 

12. How do we travel during the BOLD Unconference?

During the Unconference, we travel by bus. Please refrain from using your own/a rented car to travel to the different locations of the Unconference, as certain activities will require your presence on the bus.

13. Why is the BOLD Community hosting an Unconference?

The BOLD Unconference, an initiative of the BOLD Community, brings 50+ global pioneers together in one place. The mission? Building the economy of tomorrow. 

The BOLD Community, powered by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), is a global initiative designed to stimulate innovation. By fostering encounters among BOLD Minds from around the globe, it propels the creation of unconventional ideas and knowledge exchange, strengthening Austria as an innovation hotspot. The BOLD Unconference is the crystallization point of these efforts.